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Fall. Approach of an autumn season is characterized by increase in overcast and number of rain days, and also the beginning of frosts. For fall returns of heat with a clear and frequent calm weather on the general background of fall of temperature are characteristic.

Combination of separate factors of weather unequally for the normal growth and development of various cultures. It has to be considered in technology of their cultivation which has to provide creation of optimum conditions for formation of big steady crops of useful plants. Considering high summer air temperatures, a small amount of rainfall, frequent dry winds it is necessary to pay special attention to accumulation and preservation of reserves of moisture in the soil.

Physical and chemical properties of these breeds favorably I affect on formation of soils. So calcium of the loess and lessovidny loams is told to the soils formed on them that promotes accumulation of a humus (calcium acts as a clamp a humus and to creation agronomical of valuable structure here.

The dominating type of the water mode of soils of the territory of economy is not washing – at deep (more than 10 m) a bedding of ground waters. The main source of moistening is an atmospheric precipitation and in isolated cases flood and ground waters. Soils of watersheds and their slopes under the terms of formation belongs to automorphic which water balance is defined, first of all, by quantity of an atmospheric precipitation.

It is necessary to use each hectare of the earth taking into account quality inherent in it, combining it with natural and economic features of this region and concrete economy. It is extremely important in the conditions of our country where systems of agriculture, specialization of economy, and, above all the soil of various regions significantly differ.