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The developed marketing strategy has to be directed on control of growth of a share of the HP 670C printer, and then and on its reduction. Also there can be effective an enticement of buyers of Epson SC 600 which share constantly falls.

When planning the actions realizing the chosen marketing strategy it was decided to make some modifications of HP DeskJet printers for the purpose of the fullest satisfaction of requirements of various groups of consumers. For identification of such groups (segmentations it is necessary to carry out the analysis of structure of demand. One of ways of the analysis of structure of potential buyers is carrying out questioning.

For determination of elasticity of demand for these goods it is necessary to calculate coefficient of elasticity, the resulting sign showing percentage change at change on one percent of a factorial sign. The coefficient of elasticity can be calculated in two ways:

Calculations are made with use of chains of Markov. It is a method provides drawing up matrixes of distribution of buyers for every month until shares of potential consumers current month are not equal to shares in the previous.

The firm owes the main efforts to direct on increase in a gap with HP 670C in the share occupied in the market. The firm needs to weaken dynamics of consumer preferences and to achieve excess of inflow of potential buyers over outflow.

Thus, the HP 610C printer has high competitiveness. The structure of the indicators defining it provides tools for the marketing actions directed on realization of the chosen marketing strategy.

For the purpose of involvement of new buyers (reduction of outflow and increase in inflow of potential consumers) the firm has to carry out an advertizing campaign. The cheapest type of advertizing counting on one contact is TV commercial, however, this type of advertizing is also the most expensive on absolute expenses.

The analysis of the received dependences shows that the HP 610C Series printer possesses bigger competitiveness in comparison with the competitors. The main competitor of these goods is HP 670C.

HP 610C borrows big, than from each of competitors, a share of the market. This printer is competitive in relation to both competitors, also there are competitiveness increase reserves. T.o., it is obviously possible to affect dynamics of consumer preferences, using offensive marketing strategy.

At early stages of designing the total of details of the printer as far as possible decreases for the purpose of minimizing of cost of production and negative consequences of utilization on the termination of service life.

As reference point at a choice of strategy the classical matrix with nine fields can serve. Proceeding from the calculated values of coordinates of the actual situation, the firm needs to follow the offensive strategy which is expressed in additional investment.