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In BIOS system there is a program called by Setup which can change CMOS memory contents. This program is caused by a certain combination of keys which is usually displayed as the help of the monitor after inclusion of power supply of the computer. During loading of the computer it is possible to start the Setup program for BIOS system

Chips of standard static memory generally are issued in DIP and SOJ cases. Memory like pipelined burst or is soldered on the motherboard at once in the course of its production, or delivered in the form of modules

Let's remind that we understand as usual installations (Standard CMOS Setup) information to date (month, day,, the current indications of hours (hours, minutes, seconds), quantity to standard and expanded mint (in kilobytes), technical parameters and type of stores, the display, and also about connection of the keyboard. To Zama for example that if in this program in the line Keyboard to tell "Not Installed", even in the absence of the keyboard the computer will not give out an error message

Fujitsu makes 5" disks of the Hornet 5 and 6 series in which magneto-resistive heads and PRML are applied. Capacity of disks makes 508 MB, 768 MB and 1 GB, interfaces — Enhanced IDE and Fast SCSI-Disks possess high efficiency and small consumption of energy. Models with the SCSI interface are intended not only for application in notebook of Apple firm, but can be used and in desktop computers, and also for creation of compact and reliable RAID massifs

The leading manufacturers of chipset for graphic adapters — firms S3, ATI, Cirrus Logic, Trident and others — provided in new generation of the products except standard Windows of acceleration as well acceleration of video of operations, and for the last good results turn out even when using standard dynamic memory and EDO DRAM. However still to reach at the same time high values for the speed of regeneration, permissions and depths of color it is possible only at use of two port memories like VRAM and WRAM

64-digit chipset ATI Mach264CT ATI TGU19680 firms of Trident firm also accelerate implementation of video of operations and are counted on different types of memory — they support DRAM and EDO RAM, VRAM (ATI) and WRAM (Trident)

Sharp increase of speed of processors and transition to 32-bit multitask operating systems significantly lift requirements and to other components of the computer. The most important of them is random access memory. Increase of external clock frequencies of processors from 33-40 MHz, characteristic for family 486 (486DX2-66/80 and 486DX4-100/12, to 50-66 MHz for Pentium (Pentium 75/90/100/120/13, demands first of all adequate increase in speed of a subsystem of memory. As as the quick rather slow dynamic memory of DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) is used, the main way of increase in capacity is based on application a cache memory. Except built in the processor a cache memory of the first level also the cache memory of the second level (external), constructed on more high-speed, than DRAM, chips of static memory of SRAM (Static RAM) is applied. For high clock frequencies it is necessary to increase speed of SRAM. Besides, in the multitask mode overall performance the cache memory can also decrease. Therefore actual is a task not only increases in speed a cache memory, but also accelerations of direct access to dynamic memory. For the solution of these problems new types of static and dynamic memory start being used

The radical, but not conventional approach to increase of speed of dynamic memory consists in embedding in chips of DRAM own a cache memory. It is Cached DRAM (CDRAM) and Enhanced DRAM (EDRAM). Memory of CDRAM is issued Mitsubishi firm and has 16 KB cache memory both on 4, and on 16 Mbit a crystal, the exchange between dynamic and built-in a cache memory is carried out by words 128 categories wide

For audio/video of hard drives important parameter is the guaranteed information transfer speed. For the first disks of Micropolis firm it made 9 MB/s, at the modern Gold Line models is increased to 4 MB/s. IBM for the disks Ultrastar AV guarantees 5 MB/s