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the most modern equipment and the most qualified labor, huge costs of training and training of workers for work on the new equipment - all this in itself does not guarantee and cannot guarantee neither high performance level, nor quality of production - purely administrative means it is possible to achieve much more impressive and productive progress.

The program of the researches VALS is only one of ways to starting being guided in the world of constantly changing values and preferences of consumers. It is important to note that all companies which subscribed for the VALS program, received the relevant information and applied this classification at the organization of marketing of the production, achieved really impressive results.

In the conditions of the competition growth of sales volume, growth of volume of the realized production the most important indicator, the main criterion of efficiency of your economic activity. And if you do not achieve growth of sales volume, at you every chance to take off from business sooner or later.

Remember: modern marketing demands absolutely other approach to carrying out research and development, to development and deployment of innovations when not thought of the scientist or engineer predetermines the direction of search, and change and development of system of consumer preferences, anticipation of new inquiries and needs of people.