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And correct the supervision stated by authors of the theory of literature is represented very interesting: "And from the known point of view this general pithiness of a form sometimes is not less considerable, powerful, essential, than concrete sense of work. So, for example, for the person for the first time perceiving beauty and harmony of a lyric, nearly bigger value will be had by beauty and harmony "lyric poets in general", than those absolutely individual beauty and harmony which are peculiar to this poem. It can be proved on material of numerous stories about the first familiarizing with art of the word. Such beginning reader is struck by an art miracle in general, and only later he finds ability to compare, see and estimate originality of each new miracle".

To determination of levels, or layers, verbal and poetic work approaches were not defined finally yet, but researchers see interaction of various substantial and formal levels in the literary work: rhythmics sound, lexico-semantic, intonational and syntactic, subject and thematic, ideological and emotional.

The art perception considered as a special form of creative activity is not identical to works of the artist, but is interfaced to it as during it the "secondary" artistic image is formed. This reconstruction is caused, on the one hand, by the perceived work of art, with another - features of the life and own and art experience perceiving.

In order that criteria of literary development found a type of practical measuring instruments of level of perception of a verbal work of art, it is necessary to correlate them to such categories of literary creativity which express the steadiest properties of literature as arts of the word. It, undoubtedly, such ancient and in the being the forms of verbal works of art as literary childbirth which are not changing during the millennia (the epos, lyrics, dramas.

Approach to multilevel (or multilayered) from the gnoseological point of view gives to structure of the art contents the chance to comprehend the main levels of this structure as various relations of the writer to a subject of art knowledge.

Besides, indicators not only readings, but also other types of literary activity of pupils, in particular compositions of literary and critical and creative character, own creativity (verses, stories etc.) as the main criteria are applicable to all this activity of school students have to be considered.