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Thus, pollution of the air basin becomes a real brake of scientific and technical progress in the cities which will constantly amplify in process of increase of requirements to purity of technologies, to growth of accuracy of the industrial equipment and distribution of microminiaturization.

Since then the garbage was stored in various storages in rural areas. As a result of growth of the cities the free areas in their vicinities decreased, and unpleasant smells, the increased quantity of rats caused by dumps became intolerable. Separate dumps were replaced with holes for storage of garbage.

Existence in the cities of green plantings is one of optimum ecological factors. Green actively clear the atmosphere, condition air, the level of noise, interfere with emergence of the wind modes, besides, greens in the cities well affect an emotional condition of the person. Thus plantings have to be most approached to a residence of the person, only then they can render positive ecological effect.

Agricultural areas are very various on an environment, types of land use and extent of development. Nevertheless, environmental problems in them have much in common. It is connected with the following circumstances:

The main changes of soils in agriculture are connected with mechanical impact on it and with application of fertilizers. Plowing changes a soil profile, destroys structure, leads to impoverishment of the top horizons, promotes strengthening of a water erosion and a deflation. Along with loosening there is also a consolidation of the soil.

Economic activity, planning of residential quarters, limited number of green plantings lead to that in the cities, especially large, there is the microclimate which in general worsens its ecological characteristics.

The most perspective way of a solution is processing of city waste. The following main directions in processing gained development: organic weight is used for receiving fertilizers, the textile and paper waste paper is used for receiving new paper, the scrap metal goes to melting. The main problem in processing is sorting of garbage and development of technological processes of processing.

Original prospect of an exit from ecological crisis - in change of a production activity of the person, his way of life, his consciousness. Scientific and technical progress creates not only "overloads" for the nature; in the most progressive technologies he gives means of prevention of negative impacts, creates possibilities of environmentally friendly production. Arose not only an urgent need, but also opportunity to change an essence of a technological civilization, to give it nonconsumptive character.