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Optimum temperature of development of tifoparatifozny bacteria of 37 °C, but they can grow and at 25 — 40 °C. They maintain heating to 50 °C within 60 min., to 58 — 60 °C — 30 min., at 100 °C perish instantly. Solutions of 5% phenol and 3% chloroamine these activators within 2 — 3 min.

In environment tifoparatifozny bacteria to remain long time. They easily drying and low temperatures; in ice remain within several months. In flowing water of a bacterium of a typhoid and paratyphus survive within 5 — 10 days, in still water — about a month, in reservoir silt — some months.

According to data of literature, about 10% of total number of toksikoinfektion are caused conditional ­ by activators. The specified toksikoinfektion at considerable accumulation of activators in food owing to violation of health regulations of processing, storage and terms of realization of foodstuff.

Developing of salmonellosises at the use of jelly is possible. Obsemeneniye of jelly salmonellas usually occurs at violation of technology of its : the welded and crushed substrata do not repeatedly; boiled meat is crushed on the used for crude meat; jelly cools down in heat the room; jelly temperature the insufficiently low.

To the microorganisms capable to cause toksikoinfektion, besides salmonellas, intestinal and proteyny sticks, streptococci,, a cereus, pathogenic galofila and the low-studied bacteria belong.

When heating to 60 °C of the Salmonella survive within an hour, at 75 °C — 5 min., at 80 °C they perish instantly. Rather long salmonellas survive in foodstuff, and they not only keep viability, but also breed, without causing an of organoleptic properties of products.