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Sessions of hypnotherapy carry out both with one patient, and with group of patients. The technique of collective hypnotherapy was in detail developed and used in practice by the academician V. Bekhterev. Sometimes it is much more productive, than individual.

What occurs in an organism under the influence of a tickling? As showed researches, the tickling is always followed by narrowing of blood vessels of skin and expansion of the blood vessels supplying with muscle blood, a brain; frequency and force of warm reductions increases, pupils extend, muscles of hair sacks are reduced, as a result the smallest hairs on a body bristle.

Each session of hypnotic suggestion includes three stages: immersion of the patient in a dream, the necessary suggestion and, at last, awakening. Usually general duration of a session makes 35-40 minutes, and for one course of hypnotherapy carry out 10-15 sessions.

The best time for a dream – from 12 o'clock in the morning to 8 o'clock in the morning. At this time persons of all professions are recommended to sleep. Necessary conditions are of great importance for rest. In the stuffy room and an inconvenient bed there cannot be a good dream. The silence, the cozy room, a warm and convenient bed promote a good dream.

Neuritis of a facial nerve is usually connected with overcooling and an inflammation of a middle ear. Thus there is a paralysis of muscles of a half of the face: forehead skin does not gather on one party in folds, an eye is not closed, the corner of a mouth is lowered; the patient cannot inflate a cheek, grin. The liquid food follows from a mouth corner on the struck party.

Such sleep disorder when the person at night long, and at all cannot sometimes fall asleep meets more often. Such state is called sleeplessness. Often it is a consequence of overfatigue or a strong nervous shock.